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Connecting Convention 2023

By Wednesday evening Licensed Pastor candidate Connie McOsker and I will be in Massachusetts for the Annual Convention of the Swedenborgian Church of North America. Like all denominations, there is an annual (or for some biannual) gathering for the purposes of things like governance (making big decisions which affect congregations, and taking denominational stances) and in the case of the Swedenborgian Church, ordinations and consecrations. For example, Dr. Devin Zuber (pictured below) is scheduled to be ordained this year. This year Connie will be examined and voted on by the Council of Ministers (COM) and the floor of convention. If she passes both of these votes she can be consecrated as Pastor for the Garden Church. And we, her church family will get to plan a ceremony! Prayers for Connie and all who will help make this decision are welcome. We also ask for prayers for traveling mercies as we make our way East. Connie and I will do our best to update this blog daily while Convention is happening June 28-July 4.

~Rev. Dr. Amanda Riley

Dr. Devin Zuber, in the garden in May 2023 during his Long STEP of the ordination process.

Delegates from the 2022 Annual Convention at The Garden Church. Annual Convention 2022 was co-hosted by The Garden Church in Long beach, CA.

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