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Third Annual MLK Teach-in

I think it is often under-appreciate

d how deeply the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. critiqued the economic, social and political structures of the United States. For him, racial inequity, exploitation of workers, and militarism were key components of the same system of oppression. And he was not afraid to challenge all three from a profoundly moral and Christian perspective. In our annual Martin Luther King Teach-in we focus on local and contemporary efforts to promote racial justice, worker justice and peace advocacy. It is our humble way of seeking to continue his work. I use the word "teach-in" as an intentional allusion to the 1960's, the period that saw the climax of Martin Luther King's organizing efforts before his assassination. To use another 60's expression, the goal is "consciousness raising." In our presentations and discussions we learn from each about the injustices still suffered by our fellow children of God and of ongoing efforts to advocate for a peace economy. We become aware of how we as individuals and as a church community can become involved in the ongoing fight for justice. This year, of course, the teach-in will be in videoconference format. I am excited to announce three presenters: Joe Gatlin of the NAACP will be speaking on racially equitable hiring practices at the Port of Los Angeles. Rev. Mary Duong of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE-LA) will describe ongoing efforts towards the just treatment of truck drivers at the Port of Los Angeles and workers in the hospitality industry. Finally, a representative of the San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice will discuss opportunities to advocate for a peace economy. Click here to register for the event. I invite you to join us as we hear and answer the prophetic call to justice. Love and Light, Rev. Jonathan

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