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Blessed Are...

A few years ago there was a trend of marking social media postings with #Blessed. It was a way of showing gratitude for or recognizing the good things in one's life. It is a nice thing to recognize and appreciate the positive things in our lives, community and the world. In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus turns what we expect #Blessed on its head. Instead of saying: Blessed are the rich in faith, the joyful, the bold, the secure, those with good families and great friends, Jesus says those we least expect are blessed. The poor in Spirit, those who mourn, those who are meet. those who are merciful, those who are pure in heart and so on. Sometimes things are not as they appear, and there is a blessing waiting in an unexpected place. All Are welcome to join us for our Sunday Rhythm, come as you are, stay as you are able: Sunday Gathering 3pm Work Together 4pm Worship Together 5pm Eat together

In Faith, Rev. Amanda

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