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Do You Hear It?

The Advent and Nativity stories come with a series of proclamations. Word came to those with ears to hear of what God has done, is doing, and will do. It is a message of setting the captives free, a message of turning to the Holy One.

And today, as on every day, the questions are ever the same:

Do you see it?

Do you hear it?

Do you see the Christ-light, the light that expands our consciousness, the light that allows us to see our fellows as the beloved chidren of God, the light that reveals the spark of the Divine in the eyes of all we meet?

Do you hear the Christ-word, the word that tells the story of God and of the people of God, the word that penetrates our hearts, the word calls us to act, to set the captive free, to feed, to clothe, to listen, to support, to encourage?

At the Garden Church and at Feed and Be Fed we are always in discussion. We are always asking each other how we can deepen our spiritual lives. We are always asking how we can better serve our community, and especially our food- and housing insecure neighbors. May our discussions always be prayerful, may our discussions always be acts of deep listening and deep hearing.

The Christ-word is speaking. Can we hear it together?

Join us this Sunday as we listen for where God is leading us today.

A blessing on your eyes and ears,

Rev. Jonathan

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