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Thanksgiving season is upon us. At my children's school the Principal is encouraging us all to express gratitude during this month. She has even made available a gratitude calendar to encourage us as a family to do something that expresses gratitude each day of this month ahead of the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

As Christians, gratitude is something we hold as a central tenant, we have gratitude first and foremost to God for what God has done for us, how we have been created, the gifts we have been given and so on. However before we move to gratitude as Christians we begin by praising God. Acclimation of who God is in the Universe and what that means just for not just us but for all of creation is we begin. Thankfulness and gratitude is not just a reaction to what has been given but also an awareness of who is doing the giving. When we express gratitude we do so with an awareness of the source of the gift. For us as people of faith we trace all our most precious gifts to the Creator of our Universe.

This Sunday we will explore one of the Psalms of Praise, Psalm 145. We hope to see you Sunday for our Weekly Sunday Rhythm 3pm Work Together; 4pm Worship Together, 5pm Eat together.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Amanda

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