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Faith, When You're Thirsty?

We welcomed back a past volunteer this week to The Garden Church. Jedi Fite helped us with Sunday Work Together Time each week back when he was in high school. He's now graduated from college and wants to study to be a teacher. Isn't that wonderful? We need young people to be in this honorable vocation. He is here to do an internship in collaboration with Feed and Be Fed and Taper Ave. School. Fourth Grade students for the next five weeks will walk over to our Christensen Science Center space. They will learn about soil, compost and growing things and Jedi will teach them for graduate school credit. A win for all! This is Week 3 of Lent and we are still wandering in the wilderness. We have needed to go indoors to places near us on 6th St. instead of The Garden for worship, many times in 2023 already due to rain and wind. As much as we appreciate the generosity of our neighbors sharing their space with us, we hope to be back at 429 W. 6th St. this Sunday 3/12/23. This has helped us feel for the Israelites after slavery in Egypt. Consider what it would be like to be wandering in the wilderness for years, without water for a good long while? When have you been really, really, really, thirsty? When have you been thirsty for something more in life? When have you been really angry with God for not providing what you want? Let's explore together Exodus 17: 1-7 and see what we can do to make this a meaningful lenten journey. Please come this Sunday. I want to hear about your wandering. In the wilderness, Connie Licensed Pastor Candidate Sunday Rhythm: 3pm Work Together 4pm Worship Together 5pm Eat Together Come as you are, stay as you are able. All Are Welcome

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