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Limited vs. Limitless

If there's one thing we've learned in the last 11 months of this pandemic it's that sometimes limits are helpful. We have been asked and sometimes told by or government to wear face masks, stay 6 feet or more away from others and to stay home as much as possible. These practices of limits on ourselves and our actions have lead to a rapid decline in cases and here in LA County we're on the precipice of re-opening schools (though 6th grade), and hoping to continue this downward trend in terms of case rates of COVID-19. Today is Ash Wednesday, the official beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is a season traditionally associated with "giving up" things, or limiting ourselves. We do this in part, as a way of remembering our human nature. We are limited beings. We are not immortal, we are not all-powerful and we don't know everything. We do however know these things are true of God, for as limited as we are, God is limitless. For as finite a we are, God is infinite. Tonight we will join our sister churches (1st Presbyterian, Saint Peter's Episcopal and the United Methodist Church) on zoom and facebook live for our annual Community Ash Wednesday worship which will include imposition of ashes. All Are Welcome to join us for this Holy

night as we remember who and whose we are.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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