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The Power of Love

On this Valentine's Day and in the middle of Black History Month, I am going to dedicate this service to the teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on love as the only truly effective power to bring about a just society.

Martin Luther King's teachings on Love were Bible-based and profoundly Christian. All true love grows out of God's love for us and our responding love of God. As those who love God we are called upon to love our neighbors--including our enemies--not as we might love them but as God loves them.

Sound idealistic? Rev. King was at the same time a tough-minded pragmatist when it came to accumulating economic and and political power within the Black Community and deploying that power in the pursuit of racial and economic justice. In this sermon I am going to draw from Rev. King's last address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, "Where Do We Go From Here?" in which the conjunction between love and pragmatism is spelled out.

Join us this Sunday as we seek greater wisdom on living a life of Love of God and neighbor and in so doing bringing about the beloved community

In the name of Love,

Rev. Jonathan

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