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Interfaith Earth Day

We have a fun filled weekend coming up in the Garden! On Saturday Feed and be Fed has an Earth Day Fair in the garden on Saturday from 1pm-4pm. It includes excellent vendors, 100 pieces of art from the youth of our community on display at Pixels art studio (2 doors down from the garden) and a rain barrel give away! Register for your rain barrel here

Then on Sunday: come out and join us for Earth Day and an Interfaith exploration on the theme of the Tree of Life. From the natural world perspective, we know that trees function in a symbiotic fashion as the lungs of our planet. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide that we as humans exhale and in turn trees give off oxygen that we breathe! This relationship not only is exciting from the biological perspective, but also from the spiritual. In this special Earth Day Interfaith Sunday, we look at the Tree of Life from four different theological perspectives. What wisdom can we learn from the tree?

I will share from the Christian perspective and will be joined by voices from the Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim perspectives all reflecting on trees. Join us for this wonderful Earth centered weekend in the garden.

In Faith,

Rev. Dave

Sunday Rhythm: 

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat Together

Come as you are,

stay as you are able

All Are Welcome


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