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The Roots

May the Glory of Easter Joy continue to be with you on this Second Sunday of Easter. We celebrated the resurrection indoors last week due to the rain. I had the honor of baptizing my grandson during the liturgy (pictures below) attended by regulars, returners and people welcomed for the first time. The children with excitement hunted eggs after worship and didn't seem to know we should have been outdoors. 

This Sunday we begin an eight week sermon series on "The Tree of Life - Interconnected". We are starting at the bottom and working upward! I will start the series by thinking about ROOTS. They are underground, we don't see them yet they are the most important part of the tree. They are mentioned in the Psalms, in Ephesians and Colossians and in writing by modern authors. Let's unpack what roots mean in the natural world and spiritual world for us.

Come be with us for there shouldn't be rain and the days are getting longer!

In Faith,

Pastor Connie 

Sunday Rhythm:


3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat Together

Come as you are, stay as you are able

All Are Welcome

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