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"A Tree in the Garden"

Each year in late October the street of downtown San Pedro fill with people out to celebrate and mark the Mexican Holiday called the "Day of the Dead" or Día de Los Muertos. This year the San Pedro Business District (PBID) is planning a scaled back and pandemic friendly version of the annual celebration titled "Día de Todos Santos." It will take place in our downtown this Sunday afternoon from 3pm-7pm.

As in years past, in place of our Sunday program we will open our gates to welcome all (with limited capacity to honor COVID-safe physical distancing) to a prayerful space allowing opportunities to have the names of loved ones prayed for, we will have an ofrenda or alter in our space. This year we have been selected to host an art installation of a tree in the center of the garden. The tree is interactive allowing those who attend to add ribbons with names and messages to family members to the tree.

All are welcome as we join our community in honoring those who have gone.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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