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Amazing and Astounding

When was the last time you were astounded? When was the last time you were Amazed? I most often find things worthy of those adjectives when I'm in nature. Whether it's the garden. the beach or a hiking trail it's the created world that most often leaves me amazed our astounded.

This Sunday we will continue our walk through the first chapter of Mark with Jesus in the city of Capernaum. While in Capernaum Jesus teaches and heals a man of an unclean Spirit. We are told the people are "astounded" and "Amazed." At the sight of God's power in action, those witnessing it are amazed and astounded. When we see God's presence or action's we are astounded and amazed.

I remember a few years ago after a wet winter rain like we are forecasted to have this week, our Lead Gardener Linda pointed out the tiny little piles of sandy earth all over the garden.They were worm holes. Places where thousands of worms had come up out of the earth all over the garden. Their paths show that the once barren land where our garden grows is now teaming with life. This tiny plot of land has been "re-wilded" at term borrowed form friend of the Garden Church Professor Rebecca Esterson. We feel honored to he part of this one little part of restoring creation and growing food for hungry bellies.

May you be amazed and astonished this week.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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