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And The Award Goes To...

On Thursday, May 28, 2021 The San Pedro Faith Consortium (on Facebook here) was honored with the John Anson Ford Human Relations Award for Los Angeles County District 4. We were honored today alongside Civil

Rights Leader Rev. James M. Lawson Jr. (who received the leadership award), Dr. Barbra Farrar (who received the Courage award), Inner City Struggle (Dist. 1), CAT 911 (Dist. 2), Student Mojo (Dist. 3), Two Dragons Martial Arts (Dist. 5).

Here is a video detailing our work as the San Pedro Faith Consortium which includes:

Temple Beth El San Pedro, (@TBESanPedro),

The Garden Church (@gardenchurchsp),

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (@SaintPetersEpiscopalChurch) and

This was a tremendous honor, and we are humbled to be included in this life changing work.

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