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"August Action"

The month of August has begun and with it the countdown until summer travel season ends, school begins again and feed and be fed hosts its Annual Tomato Tasting. (You can get your tickets here.) We are also blessed to have Rev. Shannon Sterringer coming to the garden to lead us in a retreat on Hildegard of Bingen on Saturday, August 13th, there is still space available, please contact Connie (details below) if you'd like to register. The day before school starts on Sunday, August 14th worship will include a The month of course kicks off as always with 1st Thursday featuring the Harbor Jazz Ensemble.

This Sunday we will continue our sermon series with a focus on the verse "Blessed are the merciful. Mercy is not always considered an august action, in the church however we value acts of mercy, generosity and kindness. On Sundays in the garden two of the last three have brought women who were barefoot and in need of shoes (sizes 8-9), and both times our beloved Connie was able to gift these women with the tennis shoes from her own feet! (Picture below) Yes, we are now keeping shoes in these sizes on hand in the garden and welcome donations. Though I have no doubt Connie would continue to be generous with her own feet if need be. Acts of mercy can be august, in fact when we pray for mercy from God that is what we are hoping for--a concrete impressive action. Join us Sunday as we explore mercy.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Sunday Gathering

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat together

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