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Blessed are the gentle

There's something special about summers in the Garden. From the summer crops exploding off the vines to the kids free from school schedules and people out for a stroll the garden comes alive in a new way in the summer. This summer is no different. So far we have hosted a storytelling event and with Feed and Be Fed a Master Gardener led class on Integrated Pest Management. Coming up next month we have a Saturday morning retreat lead by a visiting Pastor on Hildegard of Bingen (details below, contact Connie to sign up.) and Feed and Be Fed is hosting a Tomato Tasting event in the garden on August 20th. This Sunday we will continue our sermon series on the Beatitudes with the verse "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Come as you are stay as you are able. Sunday Gathering 3pm Work Together 4pm Worship Together 5pm Eat together

In Faith, Rev. Amanda

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