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COM (Council of Ministers) Meetings day 1

Annual Convention is known as a time to connect and re-connect. Connie and I are honored to bring greetings from The Garden Church to Annual Convention.

As we were heading out of town Nancy who is active at The Garden Church and Wayfarers chapel asked us to share her hello with Convention members.

On Day 1 we got to bring Garden church greetings to Devin Zuber, Dan Burchette, Jane Siebert, Jim Lawrence and others.

Above: Rev. Kevin Baxter presenting to the room. Below: Rev. Susannah Currie, chair of COM handling zoom and the room at the same time,

The COM or Council of Ministers began its formal meetings today with a day of reports. Reports came from leadership, standing committees and special projects all part of the work of this denomination. This morning also included a report on the Committee on Admission to Ministry (CAM) with one item of supreme importance to the Garden Church--the consecration of Connie McOsker. Connie and Devin both had a chance to speak to COM and answer questions.

This mean that Connie and Devin (who is being considered for ordination), both spent some time waiting outside. Picture below:

While Connie and Devin (and Amanda) waited outside, the Council of Minsters held executive session and discerned if these two fine candidates should move forward to licenser and consecration in the case of Connie, and ordination in the case of Devin.

I am thrilled to report that both Connie and Devin approved! Connie has cleared one more step in the process to be the Licensed Pastor at The Garden Church!!! Connie will have one more vote on Sunday morning 1st thing (Which means 6am-7:30am!). Please continue to pray for this next step in the process.

Connie and Devin excitedly walking back in after the vote!

They were greeted with applause!

The afternoon session was spent getting to know one another through check-in and sharing time. There are about 40 of us here (2/3 in person and 1/3) online. The COM meeting is made up of Ordained Reverends, Licensed Pastors and students in the process of ordination.

Thank you for following a long on this journey with us, we will report more tomorrow!


Amanda & Connie

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