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It's Earth Month!

"Now that's some pretty compost" is not an uncommon thing to hear in the garden. We have some A+ compost makers in our volunteer cadre. Pictured above is some of the exceptionally crafted compost made with tremendous help from microbes plus a caring and watchful eye from our volunteers. This nutrient rich soil is one of the amazing things happening in our garden all the time.

This week we're continuing our sermon series for Earth month, this time with a focus on earth, as in soil or dust, or ground. Continuing in the second chapter of Genesis we find the creation of man and woman out of adamah (אדמה) or earth. This Hebrew word meaning "earth" is where the name Adam comes from. According to this creation story, we are literally of-earth or earthlings. Genesis 2:7 "then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground." Being made of from the ground connects us directly with all the created plants and other animals as we are all created from adamah (אדמה) or earth. It is only natural that we would seek to care for that from which we were created.

For the remainder of the month we will have worship in the garden at 3pm on Sundays. Along with many places in our world we are learning how to be physically together and physically distant as we learn to live through this pandemic in new ways. As we continue to learn our worship services will be limited to 30 minutes and not include communion. As we experiment and learn and continue to re-imagine church we hope to extend the length of our services as well as include communion, We are greatly appreciative of all for bearing with us as we pivot again during this once in a life time pandemic.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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