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Easter People

Easter People

This week is the most Holy Week of the year for Christians. It is the week in Western Christianity when we mark the final days Jesus spent on earth. It is an unfolding drama beginning with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on colt while cheering crowds waved branches and cheered to a tense meal in an upstairs room with his disciples, to his arrest and finally his crucifixion.

This year we will mark the final days of Holy week in a different way. This evening's 1st Thursday in the garden will include live Christian music and stations for foot washing, prayer and bread and grapes as we remember Jesus' last acts with this disciples.

On Friday we will be joined by the United Methodist Church for a walking 7 last words of Christ prayer service. We will begin at the Garden gates and walk up and down 6th street stopping 7 times to remember the 7 last words of Christ and prayer for our community.

After a quiet Holy Saturday we will gather on Easter Sunday at 10am for Worship followed by the annual Easter Egg Hunt for children. Then at 5pm our gates will open again for the community meal with food provided by our friends at Temple Beth El. We are so blessed to be a part of the San Pedro Community and we look forward to marking this Holy week together.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Holy Week in the Garden:

6:30pm Maundy Thursday

6:30pm Good Friday

10am Easter Morning Worship

11am Easter Egg Hunt

5pm Community Meal

All Are Welcome

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