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Empire Strikes Back?

At the Garden Church we have been delving into the prophets, and this Sunday we read from the prophet Nahum. Nahum takes great glee in the fall of the Assyrian Empire, and in the reversal of fortunes he felt the Assyrians so richly deserved.

While I wouldn't endorse gloating over the sufferings of our foes, I do take this as an opportunity to reflect on the rise and fall of authoritarian regimes. Many empires have risen and fallen since the days of Nahum and authoritarianism is on the rise again throughout the world today.

For me the burning question is how can we enter into the peace of Christ? For that too is prophesied in Nahum. How can we be at peace within ourselves and with each other in the midst of the turmoil of our times, in the midst of mutual anger, scorn and hatred, in the midst of an increasing embrace of political violence?

Join us this Sunday as we seek to be the peace we long for.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Jonathan

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