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Faithful Allies

None of us stands alone. People who seem to have it all together financially, and are apparently safe and secure, can through a series of misfortunes end up losing it all, even to the point of experiencing homelessness.

In my ministry at the Garden Church and elsewhere I have heard these stories. And I suspect that much of the temptation to avert our eyes from those who are living on the streets comes from an instinctive reluctance to acknowledge our own vulnerability to misfortune.

All the more reason to stand together and be faithful allies to those in need! We never know when we ourselves may need our faithful allies. And more deeply -- at the level of emotional and spiritual health -- we cannot survive for long without those who are faithful in their active love towards us.

Since God's Infinite Love and Wisdom are always flowing into the soul's deepest core, and since the Divine Love and Wisdom become manifest in the world primarily through our own compassionate responses to needs we find around us, let us rededicate ourselves this Sunday to being faithful allies.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Jonathan

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