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Fear as Frenemy

Jesus is famous for having walked on water. And I have long loved Matthew's telling of the story, in which Peter steps out on the water to meet him. [Matthew 14:22-33]

And there is a third protagonist in the story as well: fear. When the disciples first see Jesus walking on the water, they think they are seeing a ghost and are terrified. Peter, in the first flush of his passionate faith, easily walks on the water. But he is suddenly struck by fear and starts to sink.

This Sunday I want to propose that fear and call go together. Fear is at once friend and foe, a 'frenemy' to use a recently coined term. And the world would benefit from our becoming good frenemies to our fears as well, at once embracing them and setting them aside.

Two Sundays ago I suggested that we have been called by Jesus and sent out into the world to help build the beloved community. I asked what gets in the way of that, and fear is high on that list. Last Sunday Rev. Dr. Amanda Adams Riley guided us through an experience of prayer, suggesting that there are three basic prayers: Help! Thanks! and Wow!

Join us this Sunday as encourage each other not to let fear stop us from answering the call, as together we pray for the Lord's help.


Rev. Jonathan

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