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Growing Prayer

As Lead Gardener Linda and I were admiring a full bin of compost which had been carefully tended for months by one of our volunteers. We appreciated the richness and beauty of this fresh soil and remembered all the that had gone into it. From brown leaves, to kitchen scraps, to coffee grounds from the local coffee shop to the tender care taken to turn it, to let it rest and to make sure it had just the right combination of greens and browns. We have gratitude for the people whose hands helped make the compost, those who donated food scraps down to the tiny microbes that transformed the ingredients into rich soil for the garden.

Just as compost takes time and intention so does our prayer life. In this season of Lent one of the ways many choose to grow closer to God is through prayer. This Sunday, continuing our Lenten series in the gospel of Matthew we will spend time with the Lord's Prayer found in the 6th chapter of Matthew. Worship will include time to pray together in small groups and our quarterly community meeting, which will include an opportunity for membership as well as information from our board including a financial report. We hope you can join us, All Are Welcome.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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