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This Sunday we continue our summer sermon series on women of the Old Testament with Huldah. Her story is found in 2 Kings and Judges, and does not appear in the assigned texts of the lectionary so she is unfamiliar to most of us. This Sunday Rev. Jennifer Pattee will preach for us, sharing the often unseen story of Huldah.

Rev. Jennifer Pattee is a local Presbyterian Pastor and has worked at the Presbytery level as the Interim Stated Clerk for the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. She also currently works with churches and non-profit organizations as a consultant, especially on administration, staffing and policy. Rev. Pattee was first ordained to validated ministry at the University of Dubuque, a PC(USA) university and seminary, and served in this presbytery as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church San Pedro. Before ministry, Rev. Pattee worked in research, policy and communication for the departments of Education, Labor, and Child and Family Services for the State of Idaho. She has found that much of her work in state government overlaps with the role of a presbytery Stated Clerk and can (now) see God's hand at work in her preparation and winding path in ministry. She serves our denomination on the Educator Certification Committee and as adjunct faculty of Christian Education for the University of Dubuque online. Rev. Pattee resides in San Pedro, where she moved in 2020 after two wild road trips with two other humans, three cats, and two chinchillas.

Please join me in welcoming Rev. Pattee to our pulpit this Sunday.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Sunday Rhythm:

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat Together

All Are Welcome

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