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"In the Water"

This last Sunday our church board chair organized and led a beach clean up for our community. We gathered at designated spot at Cabrillo beach and collected trash in an amongst the rocks. Our youngest church members had a blast scurrying over the rocks and finding and alerting those of us with longer arms to a can or bottle which was out of their reach. After our time collecting discarded items saving them from making their way to the ocean we spent some time in reflection. During our reflection we shared both our sadness at the amount of litter we discovered and the hope we found in the simple act of cleaning up trash for an hour and a half with the up-coming generation. Beach clean up is a simple act and one that we know all to well matters especially here in our oceanside community.

This Sunday we continue our sermon series on water this week focusing on the account of Jesus' baptism in the gospel of Luke. Through the waters of baptism Jesus is names and claimed as God's beloved child. We will dive into this story and explore the implications of baptism for ourselves, the church and the world. We hope you can join us!

Sunday Rhythm

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship

5pm Eat together grab and go style format

All Are Welcome

Come as you are, stay as you are able.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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