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"Jephthah’s Daughter"

The Garden is always full of routine and surprises. This week we witnessed faithful volunteers doing their work with love: Our friends from Easter Seals harvested herbs. Naomi planted seeds in tiny containers. Corinne, Lisa and Sandra watered and pulled weeds. Liz and Alex carefully mixed compost. We are grateful to the community for the abundance of compost we have at this time. Al and a companion worked on sealing the wood in the raised area near Dino. We had people come in for the first time and others we weren't expecting return.

I have finished her required courses in April and is off to the Swedenborgian Convention in Boston with Rev. Amanda at the end of the month. I am seeking approval of her process to be voted in as a Licensed Pastor for The Garden Church. There will be a Consecration Ceremony in The Garden in the near future and all will be invited.

But before she goes, I am starting off the Summer Series of Preaching the Women of the Old Testament this Sunday 6/4/23. There are so many women who are barely mentioned in scripture. We want to learn about them and honor them by giving them a presence. This Sunday I will give a message on Judges 10:29-40. There is a father who is trying to be faithful but does harm to his daughter in the process. It will lead us to consider who we think God is versus the real qualities of the Almighty.

In Faith,


Licensed Pastor Candidate

Sunday Rhythm:

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat Together

All Are Welcome

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