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Lament and Healing

In the garden from time to time I hear our lead gardener say (often over the compost bin) "and then you realize you did not add enough brown leaves, and you lament, apologize, and pledge to do better and add more brown leaves." We all make mistakes, we all fall short sometimes forgetting this or that or even avoiding something on purpose. Compost, plants and gardens are often forgiving. Broken branches can heal. This is true of us too. Sometimes we hurt one another, or behave in a way that is counter to what God wishes for us.

This Sunday we are continuing to follow the prophet Joel, this week's reading is one in which the prophet teaches the priests of the time how to mourn, how to offer pubic lament for the sake of healing. We offer apology to one another and to God as the first step in healing a damaged relationship. Lament and mourning of an action, something we did wrong, is the first step in a path towards healing, restoration. It is also the beginning of how we move to the hope of a renewed and restored relationship. This is what we practice with God and with one another. Come and take a closer look at the prophet's call to us this Sunday during worship together.

Worship in the garden is at 3pm, eat together grab and go style is at 4:30pm.

All Are Welcome

Come as you are, stay as you are able.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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