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"Let Your Light Shine"

Monday market 8 years of making church together in the garden at 429 W. 6th St. We are so glad we have been able to continue to rent this space and grow in this place. Over the last 8 years we have received compost, turning it into soil to nourish the veggies and herbs which are growing. We have gathered for work together, worship together and eat together weekly even when it looked different during the pandemic. We have celebrated holidays, milestones, anniversaries with one another and said goodbye to beloved community members. We are a church. We are a church who welcomes the stranger and sees each person as a beloved child of God. This Sunday we will celebrate our 8th anniversary as a church including our community meeting and opportunity for membership. This Sunday we will also thank and celebrate Connor and his mother Jenny who have faithfully provided meals monthly with the help of friends and neighbors for the last 7 years. Connor is heading off to college and we are taking the opportunity to bless him on his way.

This Sunday we also get to welcome Dr. Devin Zuber who is in the process of completing his requirements for ordination. Devin will be with us the next two weekends as part of his preparation for ministry. During his time with us he will take part in worship leadership, open garden on Fridays, lead Theological Thursday (5/11 at the Whale and Ale at 7pm) and preach on Sunday, May 14th. Please join me in welcoming Devin when you see him in the garden.

We are continuing our sermon series on crossroads. This Sunday we will reflect on Jesus words "‘You are the light of the world...let your light shine before others." As we look both back with gratitude for our time of gathered community this far and forward imagining future generations as they live in and shine the light of Christ.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Sunday Rhythm:

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat Together

All Are Welcome

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