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Light up the New Year!

Light Up the New Year!

A New Year is universally seen as a chance for new beginnings. A chance to start over. To let go of the past and step into a new day, a new future. Also next week is the Christian holiday of Epiphany. It is when the magi from the East were believed to have come with gifts for Jesus. Yes, that's right it didn't all happen at once at the instant of Jesus' birth--'m sorry to spoil that for you. What can I say, when we try to condense a long story down, sometimes we loose pieces. The magi coming to meet Jesus is when the message of his birth moved beyond his family group and those in his immediate area but to all of the world. It was a moment of illumination--a moment of light.

This Sunday we will have a special service which combines the celebrations of New Year and Epiphany with a shared meal to mark both. Join us as we welcome the new year, and celebrate the light Jesus brought to this whole world.

Join us at 4pm for our weekly worship and shared meal.

As we prepare for the New Year I'd like to share with you this poem from Ruth Burgess:

Bring us bright God from yesterday into today and tomorrow. Cheer us with courage. Disturb us with justice. Safeguard us with wisdom. Bless us with wonder. Cherish us with love.

May God brighten and bless your New Year.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Sunday Gathering

4pm Worship Together & Community meal Combined

All Are Welcom

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