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Living Water

Here at the Garden Church we are celebrating April as Earth Month, and we kick it off with a celebration of living water.

Living Water! That could well be our name, since the human body is mostly water, water come to life through the many substances it holds in solution.

I am mindful that in the second creation story found in Genesis 2 there are three primal elements: earth, water, and the breath of God. And there are three primal creations: a stream of water, humanity, and a garden. And I am mindful as well that the book of Revelation ends with a new creation: a city through which flows a river of the water of life along which grows the tree of life.

And what is the Garden Church if not a garden planted in the City of Angels? From its first planting on 6th Street San Pedro not quite six years ago, watering the earth has been an ongoing task, a task much loved by the children and Easter Seals adults who used to join us in gardening. And may they be with us again soon!

But it is not only the ground we water, the Garden Church is also a place to water our parched souls, a community in which we come fully alive again, emotionally and spiritually.

Please rejoice with us as we celebrate Earth Month and look forward to our sixth anniversary on the first Sunday of May.


Rev. Jonathan

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