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"Offering Up"

As is true most weeks we had a good group of volunteers working hard in the garden. One volunteer was grimacing as she pulled up plants that had run their course, they had produced for a while and now

offering up flowers to go to seed for the next round of crops. A common life cycle we see in nature is that towards the end of the life of a plant or animal they will offer their best, and their last to the future of the next generation in the form of seeds or offspring. Humans are different, we offer throughout our lives.

What do you offer? Help to a friend? Help to a stranger? Maybe food to a hungry animal? Perhaps it's gifts and skills to your place of employment or a place you volunteer? Maybe you offer time or finances. We all have things we offer to one another and to the broader community. What about what we offer to God? How does thinking about offering when it's for the Divine change things?

We are in a sermon series on the parts of worship, this Sunday we're looking at offering. Specifically what we offer to God and for God's work in this world.

Sunday worship is at 3pm in the Garden, come as you are, stay as you are able. All Are Welcome.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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