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The Holiday rush season is underway, from the sales (which I think started in October) to the Annual Holiday parade and the trees disappearing from tree lots around town. It is all happening again. And in the middle of all the efforts to make a beautiful Christmas the church reads the story of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a kind of wild man, he was said to dress in camel hair with a leather belt as an accent at the waste. He did not eat like everyone else either, he was said to eat locust and wild honey. He lived off the land and was sought after as a someone offering to hear confessions and baptize. This is who the church focus on in the month of December while the world is tiding up and celebrating the holiday season, we are here with the straight talking cousin of Jesus. The thing about John the Baptist is once you look past his clothing and lifestyle choices you see a man who is clearly and consistiantly pointing beyond himself onward to Jesus. John says that none of this is about him, it is all about Jesus.

We have big plans as a church and as Feed and be Fed this weekend. On Friday we plan to decorate wagons with the Little Sprouts for Sunday's holiday parade, on Saturday we plan to make wreaths and gather as a community around shared food and the festive spirit of the season, and then on Sunday we plan to march in the annual San Pedro Holiday Parade. And with all of this there is rain in the forecast. Some of what we hope for and plan may happen and much of it may not. We are living in the "what ifs" that come with looking to what's next. John the Baptist pointed to Jesus and at this point in the Advent season we too are looking ahead to Christmas. We are pointing as best as we can with physical and Spiritual preparations all the while keeping in mind that God is in charge of it all, and for us as a community that mostly gathers outside, we feel it all very acutely.

May Advent Blessings be with you.

In Faith,

Rev. Dr. Amanda Adams Riley

Sunday Gathering

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat together

**Weather permitting we gather outside, please look for emails and social media posts should we need to gather indoors**

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