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Rekindling Hope

This Sunday we are delighted to welcome Rev. Thom Muller as guest preacher. Rev. Thom serves the Hillside Community Church of El Cerrito, CA. He will be sharing with us his experiences in the Night Ministry of San Francisco. From the Night Ministry website we read, The heart of our work occurs at night. We offer spiritual and emotional care and referral services on the streets, in the middle of the night, every night of the year. We provide companionship to those who are lonely and isolated. We attend to mental and physical needs. We provide harm reduction for those at risk to themselves and others. We encounter many of the most vulnerable, who fall between the cracks of the city’s social services.

And further: Hopelessness paralyzes the spirit, and despair is utterly draining. It can feel impossible, suffocating, overwhelming. Night Ministers rekindle hope with people – reminding everyone of their basic dignity and goodness – so that folks feel the heart to take the next positive step in their lives. Tending to spiritual needs is essential to human flourishing While our ministry at the Garden Church has a different format, we too welcome in the most vulnerable, the lonely, and the isolated, offering community, while seeking to rekindle hope. Join as we share strategies for reaching out to all God's people. Be well, Rev. Jonathan Sunday Rhythm 3pm Work Together 4pm Worship Together 5pm Eat together

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