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Spicy Jesus

As I sit writing this, the rain is falling and providing much needed water to the plants in the garden and at the farm. We have been blessed with rainfall about once a week for the past few weeks. It is always amazing to see how the garden changes after rain, from the plants doubling in size to the worm trails showing the land is teaming with life just beneath the surface.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if something is alive or dead. Likewise we sometimes live with or tolerate broken systems not even really noticing how oppressive they are or whom they are hurting. This Sunday we will spend time in the 21st Chapter of Matthew. It's in this chapter that we find the story of Jesus over-turning the tables of the money changers in the temple. It is a version of Jesus we don't often think of when we picture Jesus. It's a side of Jesus a colleague of mine calls "Spicy Jesus" or Jesus with cayenne pepper. The image of Jesus over turning tables and chasing animals out of the temple is a far cry from the Sunday school images of Jesus where he is sitting peacefully surrounded by children and sheep.

Join us this Sunday for zoom worship at 3pm as we have a closer look at a spicy depiction of Jesus.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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