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Summertime Prophets

Summer is in full swing! The tomatoes are turning red on the vine, volunteers are returning and music is returning to the garden tonight, gates open at 6:30pm (details below).

This summer as a church we're going to walk through some of our prophets. Why? Because they bring the heat! Prophets are brave and bold when no one else will be, they say what needs to be said and guide God's people in new paths. This Sunday we are beginning five weeks with the prophet Joel. He is known for addressing God's divine judgement, apocalyptic events and the future of the people of God. Is it light summer beach reading material? No, but it will get you thinking and help us all to discern the path God is calling us towards as we make our away out of a global pandemic, and figure out how to fight the next challenge we are facing, our ever warming planet.

Join us for worship in the Garden this Sunday: Worship in the garden is at 3pm, eat together grab and go style is at 4:30pm.

All Are Welcome

Come as you are, stay as you are able.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

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