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"Transitional Water"

After three weeks of rain, the garden has transitioned. Everything is growing. The front of the garden is lush and green, the walkways are filled with "weeds" or plants that planted themselves. The rain has transformed the garden. Tuesday for the first time in many weeks volunteers were able to be back in the garden and our gates were open to the public. It was such a joy to welcome people back to the garden from our Easter Seals group to tourists in town for a cruse. You never know whose interest will be peaked by an urban garden that is also a church!

Sunday we are beginning a new sermon series on the Gospel of John. For the next several weeks we will learn more about Jesus by focusing on stories from the Gospel of John. This Sunday we will kick it off with the story of Jesus' 1st miracle which was turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.

All Are welcome, come as you are, stay as you are able.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Sunday Gathering

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Community meal

All Are Welcome

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