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Water is Life

During the month of June the Garden Church will focus on water conservation:

Water is vital for life – we can’t live without it. Water sustains our basic needs from

quenching our thirst to growing the food we need to survive. It also blesses us with

beauty in all its forms – think of seeing waves crash upon the shore or watching a

stream as is falls gently on rocks, or the wonderful sound of rain.

We need to remember how blessed we are to have a safe, reliable source of water. We

cannot survive long without it. We need to appreciate and value this resource for all the

wonderful ways it provides for our needs, for our very life.

Water is often taken for granted – take a moment to get an estimate of how much water

you use on a daily basis by using the water footprint calculator link below. Hopefully, by

increasing our awareness of how much water we use, we will all take steps to be

mindful to conserve this precious resource.

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