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"What We Once Were"

This past weekend Feed and be fed hosted its 1st in person Fundraiser since 2019. It was an amazing feeling to be back in the garden for this kind of unique event where we welcome people in and boldly ask them to generously support the growing of the garden, the feeding of the community and the education of all. It is a big ask. This year's fundraiser brought nearly 100 to the garden, our highest attendance for a fundraiser. We had the most (and incredibly delicious) food vendors, and we raised the most money of any previous fundraiser. All around it was an amazing day.

The influence of The Garden Church's zero waste efforts alongside feed and be fed was felt in the reusable dishes, compostable napkins and intention of the event. Upon arrival each person was handed a reusable cup and fork wrapped in a napkin and tied with raffia. Drinks were served in cans and mason jars, and the cans were eagerly crushed by the children using newly installed can crushers. By the end of the night we had some recycling, dishes to wash and some compost. We had nearly zero land-fill bound waste!

On Sunday we will begin winding down our sermon series on women of The Hebrew Scriptures with the story of Rahab. Most often associated with her former life of Prostitution, Rahab is remembered in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. Join us as we spend time with this woman whose story spans the bible.

In Faith,

Rev. Amanda

Sunday Rhythm:

3pm Work Together

4pm Worship Together

5pm Eat Together

All Are Welcome

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